Waste Management

We offer solutions for all kinds of waste, both solid and liquid, both non-hazardous and special.

We look for the best way of management and we propose to our clients the most viable and economic option. The factor of competitiveness and efficiency are our differentiating fact.

We take care of everything for the transfer of waste, from the search for the best management opportunity at the national level to the processing of all the necessary operations for international traffic.

We contact clients, organize logistics, prepare the transfer Dossier when waste comes to different countries, talk to the Authorities and give, ultimately, a turnkey service.




Recovered Fuel

Our priority of converting waste to value has its peak in recovered fuel. And the industry that has its production base in the furnaces is, without a doubt, our greatest ally

This group includes cement plants, paper mills, small metallurgical companies, other smelters and any co-generation and co-induction plant

We offer services for the management of waste from urban collection or industrial selection, correctly and economically