Creating Added Value

Our goal is based on finding benefits where the industry has already obtained them. We give waste a new opportunity to be useful and we give it a new meaning. We generate added value where for many the life cycle of a resource has ended

Our main activity is the management of urban and industrial waste, its transformation and its  transport to authorized facilities for recycling or energy recovery.

Our Values


Full dedication for the benefit of customers’ well-being and satisfaction


Rigor and efficiency, complying with the most demanding standards and always looking for improvements in all processes

Human Team

Qualified and experienced staff who share a team spirit to combine their synergies in order to offer the best service.


Ability to adapt to new technologies and the evolution of European directives


Constant commitment to improving valuation processes


Commitment to the Environment, reducing the environmental impact of our activities

Waste management

We offer solutions for all kinds of waste, both solid and liquid, both non-hazardous and special              


We must, therefore, advance in the line of contributing to the recycling and recovery of waste, for the well-being of the environment


We recover scrap, mill scale, blast furnace slagfumessludgefly ashes and any other residue produced during steelmaking

We offer services for the management of waste from urban collection or industrial selection, correctly and economically